CP Software
Programming: Assembler/Mcode
ZX Spectrum 16K

12 (Supplement)
Chris Bourne

SUPERCODE for the 16K/ 48K Spectrum by CP Software is aptly named. What else could you call a collection of 102 machine code programming aids? Details of each routine are given in the instructions, including the start addresses, so that you can use them in your programs. Eighty-eight of the routines are re-locatable.

Many of the routines are useful in games writing, letting you scroll in eight directions in high- or low-resolution or the attributes. Other routines produce a number of sounds and there are also six ways of protecting a program, including ON ERROR, GO TO and ON BREAK GO TO.

All the usual toolkit type of routines are available, block delete, remkill, compress and two kinds of re-number, plus other useful utilities such as hex-dec converters, hex loader, tape head reader and many more. There is even one which accents letters.

There are one or two omissions, such as trace, but it must be the most comprehensive collection available. Even Microdrive users are not forgotten, as there is a routine included to save the whole thing to cartridge.

Memory: 16K
Price: £9.95