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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

Although not a specifically educational program, this game would certainly be of use with children to encourage their thinking and note taking skills. The storyline is as follows: the government has failed to track down the criminal mastermind who is holding the country to ransom with a computer-activated nuclear warhead. No-one knows where the computer or warhead is located. The only information you, the hacker, are given is an incomplete telephone number supplied by a C15 agent who was 'terminated' while transmitting what he had discovered.

When the program has loaded, the menu displays 5 options: you can telephone other computers: opt for an analysis of the phone link: read the data which the analysis sends to the information board: display your phone bill: or Load/Save your data. Each time Supercom is loaded, it contains new codes, so no two games should ever be the same.

I found this an absorbing, if rather frustrating, challenge, and the game certainly becomes addictive after a while. It is important throughout to lot down all the clues and code numbers given and, by a process of trial and error, try to hack the system. Disappointingly, I found a spelling error recurring in the screen texts, but in spite of that, this is a nice little program for encouraging logical thought.


Control keys: number and letter keys are used to input the codes. Z returns you to the menu
Keyboard play: good, though it is impossible to delete it you make a mistake
Graphics: none
Use of colour: reasonable
General Rating: This is a very cheap little program which represents very good value for money. It would be enjoyed by older children and adults.

Not Rated

Screenshot Text

Hacking away in an attempt to foil an evil plot involving nuclear warheads, you get in touch with a photocopier firm!