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Code Masters Ltd
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts, Mike Dunn
Chris Bourne

The author of the first ever Smashed budget game, Booty, has written this platform game. For some inexplicable reason, the game's focal point is the killing of a dragon and the rescuing of a princess - hardly what you'd expect, eh?

The star is a princely hero, who has to battle through four levels of fearsome monsters before he can get destroy the dragon. Once the dragon's dead, he can get down to the real princely business of marrying the princess and living happily ever after...

Some of the more benovolent monsters leave behind a helpful icon: shields, extra energy, or a spell ('cause this prince is no Paul Daniels - he's a real magician!).

I'm afraid I don't like Super Dragon Slayer. Its graphics are poor, colour clash is rife, and apart from an average title tune, the sound's very dodgy.



'I don't really see the point in Code Masters going into full-price games with graphics like these. I mean, just lake a look at the screenshot - they don't look worthy of the price tag do they? Having said that, Richard likes it - (It's alright, playable 'n' stuff! - Rich) The control method and the clash are the first things to hit you. It wont let you jump in a diagonal direction, so every time you want to jump up you have to stop dead and jump on the spot - very tedious. The only good thing is the music - it's the usual Code Masters stuff but at least it's there.' NICK

Not so super on graphics, sound or gameplay in a budget look at full-price.