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Code Masters Ltd
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Richard Blaine
Chris Bourne

"Wow", I thought when the Ed handed me this package, Super G-Man! Tommy guns, Edward G Robinson, but nooo, this little item has nothing whatsoever to do with J Edgar Hoover and his boys - this one's all about a funny little guy in a spacesuit zipping around a planetary surface, zapping ugly aliens with his laser and squatting on fuel tanks every so often.

Okay, what's this one got in it? Well, there's a jet pack strapped on the back of this little guy in a spacesuit, and he's got a laser as well. He has to get through lots of different scrolling screens while avoiding the space mines and any sharp outcroppings of rock which might puncture his suit. Coming after him are these little weeblie aliens which buzz about and which he has to zap, and then there's the teleport booths which can zip him from A to B or sometimes even as far as C, and every so often there are fuel or ammo caches which he can pick up, and that's sort of it.

There is a plot, but it's so simplistic it's largely irrelevant. What you have to do is the only thing that matters, and why you have to do it you can work on later.

What it boils down to is a cross between Scramble and Jet Pack, with a touch of Lunar Lander thrown in for free. It's slow, it's graphically uninteresting, it's old fashioned, but what the heck, it's also addictive - mildly. It's one of those games you keep on saying you'll stop after this go, but, somehow, you never quite get around to switching it off and loading up something else.

Cheap and cheerful Jet Pack style game. Nothing new here, but worth the pennies - just.