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US Gold Ltd
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

The famous Bill and Ben - The Flowerpot Men licence under a different name, SMGP is a platform game with undercurrents of soul-searching and a journey to find the ultimate point of existence. (Ladies and gentlemen, observe closely. I have nothing up my sleeves. At no time do my hands leave my wrists. Yet! What is this I pluck I from behind Jon's ear? Why, 'tis a P45. Get the idea? Ed) Erm. Super Monaco Grand Prix, that famous racing game, has popped up in YS no less than quite a few times before. You just can't keep a good racer down. And luckily for that last sentence, this is indeed a good racer.

The plot isn't up to much. The mad vizier has kidnapped your baby sister and threatens to take over the world unless you bring him the magic diamonds. (Ladies and gentlemen! Observe closely. This is an ordinary collapsible top hat. Yet! With a flick of my wrist I produce... a P45! Ed) Ha ha! Just joshing readers. In fact, the aim of the game is simply to race around a big track as fast as possible. Much like any other driving game, really. The 3D graphics are quite nippy, and there's a ooh-looks-nice-but- erm-what-use-is-it-then rear-view mirror thing at the top of the screen. You also get a choice of three playing modes (auto gearbox, four gears or seven gears) which get increasingly joystick-cracking, and a rather dangerous feeling of invincibility. It's an incredible test of skill to actually crash in this game - the other cars don't harm you and only a select few hairpin bends cause anything more than a dramatic speed reduction. But remember folks - it's just a game. Not dying stupidly in SMGP doesn't mean you can jump into your dad's Austin Allegro and drive at top speed into Nige Mansell's lead-sled expecting to walk away. So don't do it. Your dad may get slightly peeved and ban you from watching The Prisoner. Far better to stay indoors and play Super Monaco Grand Prix. It's fast and it's pretty playable. Just dont expect another WEC LE Mans and you'll be all right.


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Have you ever heard the saying, 'If I can't be on the road I love, then I'll love the road I'm on'? Verily, 'tis a piece of excellent wisdom.