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Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Phil King, Mark Caswell, Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne


After the thrills and spills of the Olympics, Supersports offers the chance to participate in some stranger events - well perhaps not as strange as synchronised swimming! Up to four players can compete in the five quirky events (multiloaded), while the 'zany' commentator, Gilbert, makes some often quite insulting comments in his speech bubble.

First off is the Crack Shot shooting range, where in a decidedly seedy street, targets pop up from behind walls or slide horizontally along the ground, while tin cans and plates fly through the air. Armed with a powerful rifle, you aim to score as many points before the one and a half-minute time limit expires. However, shooting alley cats loses you points.

After the relaxing first event, it's time to get really daring as you attempt the death-defying Dare Devil Dive. After climbing up the tower to the desired height - anything from 40ft to a vertigo-inducing 400ft (almost as high as CRASH Towers!), the intrepid diver descends at an alarming rate, performing a variety of clever moves. But here's the catch, this isn't exactly an Olympic-size diving pool he's heading for - it's a tiny tub! So the slightest inaccuracy results in a splitting headache!

Third event is the Slate Smash, in which the multitalented competitor smashes the tiles held up by two blubber-bellied Sumo wrestlers, by kicking and punching. Again a one and a half-minute time limit is given.

Cross Bow shooting comes next as you use skill to aim at the target, taking into account the wind speed. And finally, the strangest event of the lot is the Underwater Assault Course (honest!). You must watch out for nasty, stinging jellyfish and exploding mines as you negotiate the obstacle-strewn course, collecting gold coins on the way.

All the weird events are well implemented and somewhat humorous, especially with the witty quips from Gilbert the commentator. Thankfully there's virtually no joystick-waggling involved-skill and judgment are required for success. Although hardly awe-inspiring, Supersports is a competent, whacky sports game, which is definitely worth a look.

PHIL ... 77%

Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: well-drawn, monochromatic sprites on colourful backdrops
Sound: adequate spot effects
Options: practise any multiloaded event


'Yes it had to happen didn't it, the Olympics have set the software companies releasing a spate of sports game (well, Gremlin mostly). We are guided through the events in Supersports by the smiling face of Gilbert, the zany commentator who witters away between events, informing you of the tasks ahead. Presentation is very good, with each event being nicely drawn and animated, my particular favourites were Crack Shot and Slate Smash, but the whole game is very playable. Shoot Gilbert and this would be a great game - well it is anyway, so check it out.' MARK ... 80%

'Supersports is yet another multiple sports simulation to make the job of choosing the game for you even harder. This one of the better ones on the market, though, with good graphics, sound and the odd bit of humour thrown in for good measure. The Diving is the best event in my view, you can choose from a variety of heights and it's a great laugh when you miss the tub of water and your little guy gets splurted! As expected there is a multiload, but it doesn't spoil enjoyment too much. One of the better sports simulations around.' NICK ... 79%

General Rating: Not to be taken too seriously, but a whacky relief from the cut-throat world of the real Olympics.


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Avoid shooting alley cats in the first event, but blast everything else to smithereens.

In the diving, try to keep the diver directly above the tub of water at all times for accuracy points.

In the archery, take account of the wind speed and distance of the target when firing.

In the underwater swimming, come up for air just before a long line of surface obstacles, so you can swim all the way underneath them.

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Cameron let loose on Supersports.

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