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Mastertronic Plus
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

Stock car racing's a bit of a spooky thing really, isn't it, sports-fans? Lots of people driving around a dirty-old racetrack getting all hot and flustered and crashing their fine automobiles into walls, fences and (heaven forbid) other people. Strange. Every fancied a go yourself? I have, but for some reason my dad won't let me borrow his car. (And I ask nicely too.) Oh well, looks like it's time to bring out Super Stock Car and try our grubby little hands at these activities in the 'comfort' of our own home.

The idea is to complete five circuits of a track (within a time limit) and get onto the next one. It's more of a race than a smashup - you can ram other cars and they'll spin around for a bit (but inflicting no permanent damage). The screen scrolls to keep up with you as you go. so you don't get to see all of the track at once as in. say, Supersprint (yes, that again). This has the welcome effect of making the thing all that harder - especially when you get onto new unseen tracks. The controls are a bit mad - you sort of rotate around instead of turning (most confusing) and the graphics are a bit chunky, but colourful all the same. Overall, it's still playable and good fun, especially as there's the added 'bonus' of a built-in course editor thingy to design your own fiendishly fiendish tracks with. Hours of fun.


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