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Gargoyle Games
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mark Caswell, Kati Hamza
Chris Bourne

When it was first released by Gargoyle Games back in 1986, Sweevo's World brought a refreshing gust of humour to isometric 3-D perspective. Stuck on Knutz Folly, an artificial planetoid built by the eccentric Baron Knutz for his wife Hazel (how sweet), Sweevo, a robotoid Stan Laurel, has to brave its oversized fruit plantations, attempt to crush Horrible Little Girls with teddy bears, brave Minxes and avoid Goose Stepping Dictators, all in an attempt to make the world his own. Various puzzles of differing difficulty are scattered over four levels; once solved, these yield an object useful for solving further problems. Eradicate all life forms and Knutz Folly, in all its glory, is yours to enjoy forever.

The speed and puzzleability which made Sweevo's vegetarian quest so attractive in its day don't seem as remarkable now. In a comparison with, say, Ocean's sophisticated Head Over Heels or even Firebird's unexceptional Magnetron, Sweevo's World doesn't look so hot. Still if you're addicted to 3-D adventures and you didn't catch this courageously corny little figure when he first appeared, you may as well give him a cheapy chance.