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Players Software
Arcade: Solo beat-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nat Pryce
Chris Bourne

You play Spartacus The Sword Slayer in this epic tale of death and honour, (which actually looks take a cut price Barbarian) and thus find yourself rampaging through the streets killing anyone who stands in your way (very honourable, I'm sure). As usual in this kind of game, you start on one side of the screen, waddle forward to meet your opponent who starts on the other side of the screen, and hack him to death without dying yourself, of course.

If games of this kind are well done, they can be very addictive (look at Barbarian for instance) but unfortunately, games of that calibre are rare (even though they're well done, if you get my meaning). Sword Slayer isn't one of them games 'cos it's simply not very good. It's presented very nicely, but the difficulty is virtually non-existent for a good part of the game until suddenly you keep dying, and must work your way through the first five or so opponents until you can try again - most annoying.

I can't think of many games of this type which are actually better than Sword Slayer, but then that's hardly saying much is it?