Arcade: Platform
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

Dilwyn Jones, Ieuan Davis, Brian Pedlar
Chris Bourne

Artie Computing/16.95 Ted the bear has to fetch batteries for his (Sinclair Research?) electric car - but is hindered by several 'teddy boys' who insist on making things difficult.

Dilwyn: Fantastic graphics and animation accompanied by the Teddy Bear's Picnic' tune - which can be turned off once it gets to you. The only problem is the marring of the colour resolution where two colours meet. 9/10

Ieuan: Quite addictive and wonderful animation considering all the action involved. Bear Bovver uses a posterstyle set of letters which is quite attractive. 9/10

Brian: Not too bad. Well thought-out, with the bonus drinks and the fact you're able to deter the opposition by dropping time bombs or burying them under a battery! Good sleeve notes are an advantage. 8/10