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Code Masters Ltd
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Arrraggggarrrhl Not a very good impression, was it? Tarzan... lord of the jungle. Not content with being brought up by apes, he's now gone and got turned into one! That's what comes of upsetting witch doctors. To cure the spell, Tartan has to collect herbs, a diamond, a mask, bones, a ring and a cauldron. In his new guise the natives don't recognise him, so Tarzan has to fend off their attacks with an Infinite supply of coconuts. Gameplay is essentially platform based as you work your way up through the vertically scrolling jungle.

This is the type of game that Code Masters have got so good at. A simple idea coupled with excellent graphics and sound makes a thoroughly enjoyable arcade romp.

The detailed graphics have a great cartoon style and are very colourful. The anti-colour clash mob can't complain about this either, as you can play in colour or monochrome.

A fast trigger finger is needed is some situations, as the creatures you encounter can get very nasty. There are many levels of jungle action to battle through, as well as bonus levels where you collect as many diamonds as you can within the time limit. Tarzan Goes Ape is a bit of a stonker:A it's completely addictive and a good laugh too!



Screenshot Text

Yikes! It's the attack of the wriggly worms in Tarzan Goes Ape!