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Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Spectrum, £9.95cs
C64 128, £9.95cs, £14.95dk
Amstrad, £9.95cs, £14.95dk
Atari ST, £19.95dk
Amiga, £19.95dk

As much a way of life as a game. Robot craft and installations have run riot on a series of planets, and it's your job as a trainee, skimmer pilot to wipe them out. Graphics are basic but effective while sound effects are minimal, but this doesn't really detract from the game. Twenty missions are grouped into five sets of four, with each set being progressively more difficult, and only accessed by successfully completing the stage before. Not an easy game, but horribly addictive once you get into it. The action takes place over a 2D landscape which you can map if you want to. Success is more a matter of puzzle-solving; patience and caution rather than lightning reflexes - bite off more than your craft can chew and you're done for, however good you are. A game you sit down to for an hour at a time, and one that'll keep you going for a long, long time.

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Academy - Design your craft and head on out.