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Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Phil South
Chris Bourne

So you completed your training, eh? You thought that was tough, wait till you see what Galcorp have got lined up for you this semester, wiseguy! Four tough scenarios to be going on with, plus another 16 or so to come in a multi load format, CRL's leading game is going from strength to strength.

You play the part of an ace skimmer pilot, who's legendary skill as a fighter has landed him in the unenviable position of being a sort of intergalactic troubleshooter. Since he was so successful in clearing up the Tau Ceti problem, he's now been sent to trouble spots all over the universe, to zap the offending aliens on whatever planet he happens to be despatched to. To assist him, he has a choice of the best skimmers available to Galcorp, plus the opportunity to design his own if he feels they're not up to scratch.

Just when you thought it was safe to hop back into your inner skimmer, summink like this comes along. As if the Tau Ceti universe wasn't large enough already, they have to go and add 20 new planets (with all their attendant problems) to it. Redesigning and naming your own ships is a lot of fun. I've just made two new ships, subtly blended to my own taste, the so-so GCS SINCLAIR and the mighty GCS FRANTIK. You can select the equipment on the ship and (the best bit) design the control panel, arranging the sexy little dials and displays so you've got room to hang your furry dice up.

Supplied with the master program are missions that are very tough indeed and considering there's four of them, it's gonna take you a real long time to master them all. Enough of a challenge to keep you in sleepless nights (if that's what you crave, pervy) until the data for the remaining 16 mega tough assignments becomes available. Although this was a pre-release copy, I've seen enough to make me think that Tau Ceti II, as well as being an honest to god hit, is going to make Tau Ceti I look like a pleasure cruise.


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Here's where you face the action, in the cockpit of your home-brewed skimmer. This is one of my own humble designs, the very hunky GCS FRANTIK, seen here thrashing it's way through the 'If It Moves...' scenario. It's nice to be able to lay out all the instruments where you can use them. Yup, frantic really is the word for it!

What's on the menu? A little shake-up on Sirius, by the look of it. On all the scenarios you get a report to look at which outlines all the problems you'll face. You have a page of text containing details of your mission (should you decide to accept it), plus a lot of info on the system (avec un yummy little pic of the planet). Fortunately you don't have to eat the telly when you've read it.