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Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K
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Chris Bourne

Technician Ted is a hard working young computer hacker who earns his daily crust at the local, platforms-and- ladders Microprocessor factory. He clocks on at 8:30 and has until 5:00 pm to complete his 21 daily tasks. His first task is to go to his desk, then the Silicon Slice Store where he has to hit two flashing boxes in the correct sequence. When a task is completed another two boxes start flashing somewhere in the 50 screen factory.

Even with a map of the factory and the order of the tasks from Playing Tips (Issues 15 & 18), Ted is a difficult game. Your thirty or so lives are always in danger and some of the tasks - with strict time limits - are 'mega-tough'. Yet four years after its release the graphics remain crisp, colourful and amusing, the tune is good and playability high. Moreover Hewson have thoughtfully added some coding so that the +2/+3 joystick ports will work with the game. An attractive and compelling game this is an essential purchase for platform-and-ladders fans, and well worth a look even from people who normally hate the game-style.

Then: 96% Now: 87%