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Arcade: Vehicle Combat
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

Ho hum. Another month, another Bargain Basement, another re-release.

Rather strangely, this game is actually two games in one - you alternate between a drive-'em-up (with shooting) and then a walk-about and shoot-'em-up. The idea, you see, is to drive along the smooth scrolling road shooting (or smart-bombing) the other cars, until your criminal-locater-radar at the bottom of the screen kindly informs you of a nearby crime. The car then stops in the middle of oblivion (there's no scenery to tell you where you are), and it's onto the next bit. Here you walk about a rather monochrome house in search of said criminal, killing (or not killing) the other baddies (or civilians) and picking up bonuses on the way. Complete this within the time limit, and you're then faced with two choices.

Option A is to load in the next level and then continue doing more or less the same again. A reasonably good idea you might think, until you consider option B (not bothering) and realise that this might offer just a little more entertainment. I really didn't think Techno Cop held much water in comparison to the high standards of many other budgies available at the moment. Both parts of the game are okayish and play well to begin with, but as little changes (you simply interchange between the two sections) they soon become monotonous and unenjoyable. Essentially, if we were to introduce an award for duffer re-release of the month, then this game would no doubt be sitting nervously in the audience wondering if it was going to win.


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"Vroom vroom vroom," to coin a phrase.