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Number 9 Software
Garry Marsh
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mike Gerrard
Chris Bourne

Hey man... er... like... this is quite a groovy number, dig? Like, er, if you fancy the lyrics of John Lennon, sucking a sugar cube, and digging the psychedelic sixties, then this trip is for you, maaan!

From the far-off future you've made your way, via a provoking Fantasy Dome, back to the Swinging Sixties and into an amazing adventure based on the lyrics of the Beatles.

I know The Grim Reaper's as old as the hills but I had difficulty remembering half the lyrics of some of the songs. Unless you're an ageing hippy you may well have difficulty getting into this game.

Beatle Quest was written by Gary Marsh again using The Quill. But there're all sorts of funny little quirks - when the program doesn't understand you it comes up with the reponse Goo Goo K'Joob(!) from that well-known Lennon ditty. And trying to go in the wrong direction gets you a 'Hey! No way man!'

The aim of the game is to collect as many original artefacts as possible and return them to the start location. Sounds pretty trendy eh? You might enjoy the graphics and the redefined character set but Death almost ended up in the grave with the terminal hippy hippy shakes. Steer clear unless you've got Beatles coming out of your ears.