Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

Alex Entwhistle, Alan Grier, Alan Hunter
Chris Bourne

On the eve of your execution, having been framed for murder, you're given the chance to either do or die. You're sent on a mission with an assassin bug called Edgar hanging on to your neck; he'll sink his fangs into you if you do a bunk.

Alex: This adventure is a follow up to the Mountains of Ket, and extends an originally good idea even further. The fact that it's text-only doesn't matter in the least, because the content is so good that it just makes you want to play on and on. However, you need to be a bit of an adventure nut and I suspect it could take a very long time indeed to succeed. Good game, very addictive, and should provide aeons of fun.

Alan G: It's full of the stuff adventures are made of, but tends to offer just a little bit more. Like having to battle against extremely vicious warts and having Edgar on your neck certainly prevents you from doing anything crafty. The actual aim is to find the Temple of Vran and destroy its evil inhabitants, a task for which you are suited - you're convicted of murder, remember? MISS

Alan H: It's the content of this game which makes it better than most of the other adventures and the idea of displaying your statistics at the start of the game is particularly useful when you go into battle later on. Another nice feature is the way the objects you are carrying are displayed in simple block graphics. Some adventures are better than others; this is a better one.