Digital Fantasia
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Producer: Digital Fantasia, 48K £9.95
Author: Brian Howarth
The object of the game is to collect all ten little indians, which are figurines amounting to a fantastic fortune. It starts unconventionally enough inside a train carriage with no apparent way out, especially as you can see the countryside whizzing past the windows. After a certain number of goes the train crashes! Getting the train to stop takes some experimenting, but when it does, it pulls up at the station of Lower Massington, which turns out to be another problem, in as much as the game really gets going in Upper Massington, in the manor house which belonged to the late Major Johnston-Smythe! Here the fabulous gold figurine is hidden, but so are ten identical ones made from worthless metals which will guide you to the fortune itself. Be warned, many other fortune hunters have had a go and never been heard from again. Usual on/off text/graphics fadllty of Digital Fantasia games, and a convoluted plot worthy of Agatha Christie in this highly recommended adventure.