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Richard M. Taylor
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Roger Willis, Ron Smith, David Lester
Chris Bourne

David: This is the game of the TV series - which should guarantee it being a chart-topper. I wonder if it's any good? Or even whether that'll matter...

The idea behind the game is to break out of a black hole by way of a vortex, which you must enter at a certain height, if and when you find it. To help in your quest, you've a radar screen, compass and range detector.

The start of the game is actually quite impressive, with lots of scrolling titles and tunes being played... but the myth soon evaporates. The screen fills with a number of 3D rectangles - which I seem to remember being impressively termed 'huge green monolliths' - which are dead easy to fly around, shoot up or whatever else you want to do to them. No problem! But of the vortex, I found no trace - so that's what makes this game so difficult!

I enjoyed the game for the first few moments, but when my fuel ran out after about 15 minutes, I wasn't that eager to start all over again. The instructions gave no indication of how to find the vortex and this is far from clear from the game itself. This might be a very good game if you can work out what's going on before you get bored. 2/5 HIT

Ron: The idea probably sounded great on paper... but CRL haven't pulled it off too well. The only part of the game worth seeing is the opening sequence of stars rushing past, over which the player has no control at all. The rest wasn't up to much either. 2/5 MISS

Roger: I always did my jolly best to avoid that hideous TV puppet show - and it's a shame that I had to sit through the computer game! I guess it'll be a success, but who'd have thought the game could be even worse than the TV show? 2/5 HIT