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AWA Software
Steve Hughes
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 16K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Chris Bourne

Named, presumably, after a favourite hot drink, the planet Bovryll is an asylum in which you are trapped. Wave after wave of loathsome creatures will attack you, each more vicious than the last. Fortunately someone has had the foresight to provide you with a twin firing photon bolt.

The game gets off to a promising start with an exquisitely animated figure dancing on the titles while the computer waits for you to select a level. Once this has been done the planet Bovryll materialises on the screen.

Well, it is an asylum of course, which would explain why it resembles a dense but open plan maze. You're at the bottom. One critic has said that he didn't recognise 'himself' but recognition comes as soon as you fire your twin photon bolt.

You may zip about the maze if you like. All the loathsome creatures do, and t hey are beautifully animated. But eventually they start to file down to the left hand bottom corner (if you stay down there) and sadly follow the same route through the maze to be shot.

However, as they get shot, the next one speeds up and you have to be very fast to survive. As the game proceeds creatures described as 'saucerous guards' attack. They nip about very quickly and fire at you. Shooting ten of these earns an extra life.

The packaging is unpretentious and the presentation of the on screen instructions is very good.

Control keys are O/Z =- up/down, I/P = left/right. Fire is 0 and K allows user-defined keys, which means this could be set up easily for Kempston, AGF or Protek interfaces.


'The ability to redefine the control keys is a powerful facility. In any event, the keyboard control is very responsive. Graphics are detailed and the sound effects are good.'

'The animation of the creatures is fantastic, about the best ever. The game is fun to play and very fast. It seems a pity, though, that the creatures are so easily waylaid by waiting at some corner in the right position and shooting them like cowboys coming out of a burning building. Still, 1 fould it enjoyable to play, but perhaps not entirely as addictive as I first thought. '

'A very playable game with smooth graphics, and it can get very, very fast in play, and highly addictive.'

Keyboard positions: good as set but redefinable
Joystick options: none offered.
Keyboard play: very responsive
Use of colour: muted, but relies on gem-like sprites
Graphics: detailed and excellent
Sound: good
Skill levels: three
Lives: five

General Rating: mixed feelings on addictivity, but generally regarded as good value for money.