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Mirrorsoft Ltd
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Chris Bourne

Amstrad, £8.99cs, £12.99dk
Spectrum, £8.99cs, £12.99dk
C64, £8.99cs, £12.99dk
Atari ST, £19.99dk
Amiga, £19.99dk
IBM PC, £19.99dk

Not a game that can be said to soothe the nerves. On most versions it would become a Newton's cradle type of device for calming the mind at about speeds 5 and 6, but it keeps on speeding up. Your brain starts to go into overload, the fingers fly at light speed, but all to no avail - you just can't win.

However much you persevere that smug computer is always going to win. Oh, the agonies of Tetris players as block after block fails to fit into their carefully arranged pattern and builds ever nearer the top of the screen.

It's also a culprit of not having a pause mode, except on the C64 version. You can never get any sort of a break from the action and you'll walk away a mere shadow of your former self.

Not Rated

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