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Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Matt Bielby
Chris Bourne

An ex-YS Megagame from 1988, this is a Uridium-style vertical scroller available in 128K only (from the merry old days when that seemed like a fairly smart thing to do). It's fast, clean and simple in look (which is the only way to handle a vertical scroller), and the 128K allows colour to be used in fair smatterings - no danger of the incredible 'disappearing ship syndrome' here, folks. Set over a series of 15 space stations and 12 moonscapes (with four special bonus sections thrown in there too) it's pretty blooming massive to say the least. One nice touch is that you don't just have to dodge alien waves, but watch out for sticky-up deck structures on the surface which constitute extra hazards too. Teleports (multiloads to you and me) shoot you to the next level, but while they're doing their stuff an excellent mini-pinball game kicks in to amuse you (neatly, points earned here add to your score). Not as spectacular as some of the other stuff in this guide, it's nevertheless fast and playable - the way a good shoot-'em-up should always be.


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Bedlam's graphics not only side-step the old problems of fancy and confusing backdrops, they lend the game an eerie spookiness too.