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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

Here's a novel idea - a re-release. An old Durell one this time, and quite good, considering. There's no plot or anything, so it's a case of plunging in head first. Let's start with the dragon. He's about half a screen long, has the usual fiery breath, flappy wings and pointy tail, and can walk along or fly. As is normally the case, your job as the aforementioned draconic beast is to eat people, burn things down and attack castles with the ultimate goal of rescuing a maiden.

Being half a screen long, the dragon makes an impressive central character. Damned impressive, in fact. The parallax scrolling is pretty triff too, especially the paths leading up to castles in the distance which skim past very effectively. Otherwise, the graphics are functional and the only sound is a gently throbbing heartbeat (let this get too rapid and you'll suffer a mid-air heart attack).

As for the fun factor, Thanatos is refreshingly different. It's full of delightful little touches, like the ability to deposit rocks on people's heads, burn them and drop them from great heights. Good stuff. Gosh, yes.