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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Chris Bourne

There's one thing I can say about the game - and that is... It's original alright! It's not very often that you get to take a 2.8 litre dragon for a test drive.

Anyway, on with the game. To make Thanatos fly, press the left or right key to gain momentum and then press the up key as you announce the departure of Dragon Airways flight 747. As Thanatos leaves terra firma his little legs fold up into his body and he flaps his economical wings and soars off into the wild, blue yonder.

The game scrolls from left to right and Thanatos flys along and uses his firey breath weapon to frazzle any odd moron stupid enough to try to shoot arrows at him. He can also use his claws to scoop up the odd rock to drop on the men's heads below. He can even pick up a man and drop him to his death which is really nice.

(Oh yea? Nice for whom? - Garth).

After being attacked by rocks and outraged by fortunate arrows, Thanatos lands at a castle where, after burning the doors down, a girl will climb onto his back who will thereafter, do all of Thanatos' fetching and carrying as he works his way to rescue the princess The controls were a little difficult to master but they're okay after a little practice.

Graphics in Thanatos are good. They're nice and big - the only problem being that once Thanatos starts moving quickly the scrolling gets a little |erky although colour clash is rare. Sound is not very good at all but the game really isn't all that bad.


Label: Encore
Author: Durell
Price: £2.99
Memory: 48K/+2/A
Joystick: Various
Reviewer: ?

It's good, but not that good.