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The Edge
Adventure: Graphic
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes

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Ross Holman, Rick Robson, Dougie Bern
Chris Bourne

Ross: If you see yourself as something of an urban child, then you'll be intrigued to find yourself in this game caught up in the whirl of life in downtown New York. This is a complex text adventure, without the text, a city romp a la Ghostbusters.

Just as you'd expect in the Big Apple the results of your actions vary according to your location. For example, if your man's background is buildings and distant skyscrapers, you can move him left or right and get him to pick up objects.

So where do the spirit's come in to all this? All over the place. You'll be zapping them with your ghetto-blaster... er I mean ghost-blaster, and watch out for those invisible ghosts too...

You'll be kept in the picture about which objects you have by a small area at the bottom left of the screen. Life in the big city won't get dull with objects such as a lazer-gun, a bone, a computer and a mouse to keep you going! Gauges will keep a check on your fatigue and sanity levels ( Where's my analyst? Ed.) so that you can get nearer your object. And what's that? To reach Liberty island it seems. Something of an all American dream methinks... 6/10

Rick: Hampstead in piccies for the streetwise kids, and most of the jokes arc stale. 5/10

Dougie: OK ..you dirty rat.. don't mess with the big boys or we'll send the mafioso spirits round to haunt you... James Cagney would've loved to mess around in this game. 6/10