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Ariolasoft UK Ltd
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Amstrad CPC, £1.99cs
Spectrum, £1.99cs

A wonderful idea: make up a boardgame of pure skill, and computerise it. Originally full-price on Ariolasoft you can now pick it up as a budget brain twister, and excellent value it is too.

It's a simple looking game, but appearances are misleading. Your aim is to make a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line four pieces long on the game's six by six board. You and your opponent (human or computer) take turns to push counters onto the lower or right-hand edges of the board. As the counter pushes onto the row, any counters already on the row move up or left one square. If this takes them off the edge, they disappear and are lost for good. There's no limit to the number of turns: you just keep playing till somebody wins.

The game has interesting subtleties to it and the computer opposition can be very tough indeed on the-harder settings, but it's still hard to pin down quite what makes it so maddeningly addictive: probably just that it's a simple idea very well implemented. A must buy for Spectrum and Amstrad owners, in any case.

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