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Stephen N. Curtis
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Chris Bourne

You have been contracted by Acme (what else) Construction to go and tile the roof of Rob Rubber's roof. But this task is frustrating because Rob is a bouncer - he bounces all over the place like a manic deep sea diver in an over-pressurised suit. If he should land on you, then you're squashed fiat. The game is played out over three screens, the inside of the house, the garden and the garage. Nothing is quite as straight forward as it first seems - stairs are all one way, a key is needed to get through the garage to the garden, and from there you go up past the tree house onto the garage roof to coiled the tiles. Tiles and key are collected by running over them, and as the tiles are deposited on the roof, they automatically appear in place, ready for you to go and collect another one. There is a panic button to press if you can't avoid being squashed by Rob, but you forfeit any tile carried at the time.


'What a jolly looking game this seemed to be when first looking at it. What a shame, instead of the stickman there could have been someone a bit fatter walking about for you. Playing the game is quite easy, except for the fact that Rob bounces about rather wildly and unpredictably. After discovering the way of collecting tiles to be placed on the roof and working my way back through the screens to get to the roof, something became distinctly apparent about this game - It was going to be very tedious and long-winded. This is a major let down of the game. Tiler lacks an enormous amount of content and has no instant or lasting appeal. '

'Tiler would quite possibly win a prize for one of the silliest scenarios ever written. Before making comments on the game itself, I would like to point out that the Hall of Fame is really frustrating. Onto the game; the background is filled up rather well and the graphics are good, but the actual characters are not over impressive. Playability is okay at first as you have to find out where to go etc., but it soon becomes repetitive - addictivity thus suffers. Not, 1 suppose, a bad game, but this fetch and carry type scenario is now wearing a little thin - I mean, in this case avoiding a rubber man while you tile a roof is not ultra-challenging. To fill the roof takes many tiles - you will probably lose a life while falling asleep.'

'Tiler is a very infuriating game. The graphics are, at first glance, very good, but they seem to look worse when you examine the two character moving around, The one-way stairs are about the only hazard in this game, you don t even have to work out a routine to get around the screens. By the time I'd tiled halt the roof I had become very bored with this one.'

Control keys: Q/A up/down, O/P left/right, SPACE to panic
Joystick: Sinclair 2,
Kempston, Protek
Keyboard play: good positions, very responsive
Use of colour: good
Graphics: good backgrounds, poor animated characters
Sound: average
Skill levels: 1
Lives: 5
Screens: 3
Special features:
General Rating: Repetetive, lacking in content and ultimately below average.


Screenshot Text

The way up to the garage roof is via the tree house. Good looking backgrounds but poor character in TILER.