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Mandarin Software
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Sandra Sharkey
Chris Bourne

Time and Magic contains three of Level 9's finest adventures; Lords of Time, Red Moon and The Price of Magik. Having played these the first time around, I was curious to see what improvements, if any, had been made.

According to the accompany blurb each game, "has been enhanced and enlarged with more text than ever before - 60,000 mind-expanding words creating magik and mystery around every corner." Their modesty obviously knows no bounds.

For your money you get a pretty blue box, three cassettes (one side of each is for 48K Spectrums and the reverse side is for 128K), a novella which gives you full loading instructions, some hints on each game and a story to set the scene.

No piccies in these adventures, but if you saw the original graphics then you will realise that the extra text more than makes up for the lack of artwork!

In Lords of Time you get to travel through the ages inside a grandfather clock. You quest is to search through time to collect nine essential artefacts which, when combined, will protect Time and Magik and avert the evil being planned by the Timelords.

Red Moon gives you the opportunity to bash a few beings and cast a few spells in your attempt to rescue the power crystal.

You'll begin the final game, The Price of Magik, with all your marbles, but you'll soon start losing them as the game progresses! But don't worry, for the madder you get the better you'll do when you finally confront the dreaded magician, Myglar.

Using my old maps and notes, I worked my way through the games and found that nothing much had changed. The text was indeed enhanced but the puzzles and problems were virtually the same as in the original versions.

Be prepared to use up lots of paper when you map these games as the playing area in each is huge. If you enjoy exploring, then you'll be in your element wandering around each of the games.

If you've played all these adventures before then I don't think there are enough changes to warrant buying them again - unless you're into nostalgia!

However, if you haven't seen 'em before, then I wouldn't hesitate recommending that you get your money out. No self-respecting adventurer's collection would be complete without these great masterpieces.

Label: Mandarin Software
Author: Level 9
Price: £14.95
Memory: 48K/128K
Joystick: None
Reviewer: Sandra Sharkey

Excellent compilation from those grand masters of adventure writing, Level 9.