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Digital Fantasia
Brian Howarth
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Digital Fantasia, 48K £9.95
Author: Brian Howarth
In an adventure that could have been written by H.G. Wells, you take the Part of a local news reporter for the Tulkingham & Dunsby Gazette - hardly a thrilling job until strange goings-on are reported around the old house on the moors which belongs to an eccentric scientist by the name of Potter. The game starts in a dense foggy moor as you search for the old house itself. It is easy to die in a bog before finally finding the house where the real adventure gets under way. You may eventually get to several destinations in time and space to locate prisms and rescue the time machine's owner. Objects collected in one dimension may well be needed in another, so it all takes a lot of working out. Bad language results in admonishment to wash your mouth out! Excellent, atmospheric descriptions and a graphics on/off facility. Overall CRASH rating 65%