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Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Andy Hutchinson
Chris Bourne

There are two things I'd like explaining about rallying. Firstly, why are the Swedish so good at it; and secondly, why do people watch it. The latter's the biggest mystery, I mean how much fun can you have watching a very muddy car with 17 headlights turning a corner. If that's your idea of fun, then head down Essex way and watch the Trevor's in their XR3i's zooming up and down outside McDonalds in the high street.

Moaning aside, rallying's a good sport to convert to the Speccy. It involves cars, it's got scenery and there's plenty of opportunity to zoom straight off the road into an on-coming tree. The latter of course is something you'll be doing plenty of, if (like me) your idea of rallying is going as fast as possible until you hit something. Brakes were not invented for kings of the road like me.

The Toyota rally is run through three countries; England, Mexico and Finland. These give you the opportunity to explore three utterly different kinds of terrain, namely: muddy, sandy and snowy. The different terrains mean that your motor will handle differently; England's easier to handle than the thoroughly skiddy Finland.

Your view of the road is shown through the windscreen of your Toyota. The game starts with you firing up your engine, waiting for the count-down and then kicking it into first gear and zooming off the starting line into the first bend and no doubt the first tree. Every time you change up a gear, a little graphic representation of your gearstick appears and miraculously changes up or down. There's also a handy rev counter and a gear indicator.

The car's go a brilliant feeling of inertia as you go zipping around the corners. In fact, choose the wrong gear and you could quite easily find yourself eating bark or rock. Knock the revs down in time however and the car will rejoin the road and you can ease your grip on the joystick.

Graphically the game's excellent. It all scrolls quickly and the animation is excellent, particularly of the chap holding the steering wheel. In fact if James reckons that this game is worth a Megagame at full price then I shall just have to give it a Megagame again.


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The longest skids ever left on a public road were 950ft long. These were deposited by a paperboy who hot his front wheel caught on the back of a car while doing a wheelie.

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Plagued by the curse of the ancients, Duncan couldn't help but drive straight into the mysterious, cowled hunchback.

Frank was startled by the sudden appearance of two Stealth Bombers on his windscreen.