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ZX Spectrum 16K

Chris Bourne

Producer: Microsphere, 16K £5.95
This is another game simple in concept and marvellous to play. In fact it's dangerously addictive and should probably be put on the government proscribed drugs lust! A complex railway layout with 24 sets of lettered points, allows you to drive up to three trains around, picking up passengers from three stations. On the higher skill levels runaway goods trains also enter the system and must be redirected to get rid of them. Passengers arrive on the platforms in the colour of the train they want to catch, and get angry if kept waiting too long, turning white with rage! Great sound, nice graphics, maddeningly frustrating to play and simply wonderful! Get one today! Seven skill levels with various sub-levels; rating, very good. Overall CRASH rating 76% M/C.