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ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


THE TRAIN GAME for the 16K Spectrum is any budding signalman's dream. It is also an excellent game which is original, well-thought-out and full of action. The idea is that as the newly-appointed chief operations manager of a railway you must keep the trains running, switching points to avoid derailment and stopping at stations to pick up passengers. That is also how you score.

There are several levels of play-and each has sub-levels - with more and faster trains for the increasingly expert player. Even at the simplest level there is plenty to think about. The graphics are simple and realistic, and the scoring, hazards and bonuses are explained very clearly in the insert. Altogether an absorbing and amusing game which might even make you appreciate British Rail.

The Train Game from Microsphere Computer Services, 72 Rosebeery Road, London N10 2LA costs £5.95.

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