Virgin Games Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
SpeedLock 4

Deniz Ahmet
Chris Bourne

So Branson's down. It's all over. And who cares? Well Virgin does and it's put out a very bizarre game - the Transatlantic Balloon Challenge based on the (non)event of the same name. Its like one of those two-player split-screen motor racing games except that it's with balloons - and about as speedy and exciting as all that could imply.

As well as the split-screen balloons you get four icons on the right which control height, steering etc and also an indicator box which shows score, lives, fuel, energy and attitude. A central block shows your balloon's position over the ocean, represented by a tiny white dot.

The key to the whole thing is you are an eagle with a sonic beam! You are!! Fly around and defend your balloon from missiles and bombs.

A poorly executed game which does no credit to the crossing in any way whatsoever.

Label: Virgin
Author: Maxwell Technology
Price: £7.95
Memory: 48K/128K
Joystick: various
Reviewer: Deniz Ahmet

Complete tosh. Possibly even worse than East Enders! A definite no-buy.