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Richard Shepherd
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


YOU MUST hunt down and destroy Count Dracula in this new adventure game, Transylvanian Tower, for the 48K Spectrum. There are five levels to Dracula's castle and as you move around each floor the rooms you enter are shown in 3D.

The first level of the castle is a simple maze. At any time you can call-up a floor plan with your present position and destination marked on it. When you reach the exit you ran go up to the more dangerous level two.

Vampire bats swoop to attack you and you must kill them with your gun. Your shots must be accurate as you have only 10 bullets. You can also kill bats with the objects you will find scattered about the place.

On level two you can ask for a floor plan only when you kill a bat. To get through this level you need to kill plenty of bats.

Level three is the same as level two but the bats must be shot through the heart: level four is the same as level three. Level five is the most important and dangerous one. Here you must hunt the dreaded Count. Only one of the objects which you have collected from the other floors will kill him. The rest are useless but you are not told which is which.

When you have killed Dracula you are given a map on which is marked the location of his treasure. You must still tread carefully as the bats are furious with you for killing their master.

This addictive game is available from Richard Shepard Software, 22 Leys, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7EZ. It costs £6.50.

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