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Timothy Closs
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Gwyn Hughes
Chris Bourne

This is a classic case of one piece of dodgy programming spoiling what could have been a nice little budget game. But before you get down to the micro, set aside a weekend or two to try and understand the instructions. They too are a classic... of the blurb writer's fevered imagination!

If I've got this right, it all concerns the Ozbosians' moon, Orephul (how about that for an Orephul pun?) which is full of Nebunucleus. Now as you all know, a Nebunuclei is a Qigit and... and enough of this nonsense!

You control a Miracloid Droid who has to rush around a maze dodging twenty kinds of nasty and collecting ten Qigits that must be neutralised. There are also some physical traps to avoid and a few other useful objects to locate, including a thruster pack and a smart bomb. The problem isn't so much finding the Qigits as their relevant Nuclear Stabilisers, and though the game comes with a map, it doesn't seem to be particularly accurate.

Nothing too original I admit, though there are some great touches like the lifts which move platforms into place to make difficult leaps. The graphics are very attractive and the introductory music is great, though I've still not deciphered the speech. The number of keys is a bit of a handful, but eventually you got the hang of them.

All this would be fine if it wasn't for that classic mistake.. aliens keep appearing in the same place as you are. There you are, dead without a chance to shoot 'em up. It makes getting anywhere almost impossible which is a pity because I wouldn't actually mind investigating these mines, if only I could stay alive long enough. As it is I can't advise buying it unless you're into frustration.