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Domark Ltd
Board Game
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Linda Barker
Chris Bourne

I love Trivial Pursuit, the boardgame, with a passion that is hard to describe. Y'see, it's kind of like the game that I grew up with. I remember having Triv parties in the sixth form which involved loads of Twiglets and Martini, and then I played it at university and then my landlord threw it away. I was ever so upset, and I haven't got round to buying a new one yet, so I was dead chuffed when this gamette popped Through the Shed letterbox. "I wanna do that one!" I shouted as Jonathan stacked it neatly on his shelf. "You're welcome," he grinned. "No, honest, I really want to play that. It's good is it?" "No, it's crap." he replied.

Cast your minds back a couple of months to Pictionary. Done that? Right, you'll remember then that Pictionary was the computer version of the popular boardgame in which you had to guess the phrase, or word, from a picture. The computer told you the phrase or word and then asked you if you'd got it right or not. So, of course, everybody said yes - even if they were way off course. Trivial Pursuit is the same - you get asked a question, given the answer and then asked if you got it right. In a way though, I still found it quite entertaining cos I like answering triv questions, but that's just one of my own personal little foibles and I wouldn't dream of assuming that you lot feel the same. With more than one player, Trivial Pursuit is tonnes more fun cos you cant cheat quite so easily. As a one-player game this is worthless, as a multi-player game it's fun. But you cant beat the original.


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Do I admit that I got it wrong, or not? If I say yes then that little character will say "You're guessing, aren't you, Linda?" Smug little bobble hat.