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Players Software
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

If there's one thing more annoying than waking up in the middle of the night, thinking it's Christmas, getting your entire family out of bed and dragging them all downstairs to open your presents, only to find that it is in fact the middle of summer (which happened to me once - most embarrassing), it's got to be this Turbo Kart Racer game. It's a bird's-eye-view-race-around- a-track-affair. a bit like Supersprint except you don't see the whole track at once because it scrolls bit by bit instead. Certainly not very original and certainly not very good either.

As the race starts off zooms everybody else, leaving you, in last position, attempting to come first to qualify for the next stage. The controls are the usual Accelerate/Brake and rotate Left/Right, but the Accelerate is far too responsive, and the others not enough so. (Annoying point number 1.) There's also a limited nitro turbo button which seems to do more bad than good, as it sends you zooming right off the track, over the grass and onto another part of the track every time you use it. (And there you have annoying point numero 2.) There are no arrows on the road either to tell you which way round you should be going if this happens (number 3). Oh, and 4 is that the other karts are rather fond of driving into you all the time, blowing you up and hence delaying you heavily in the process.

Items can be picked up on the way round to repair your kart, give extra fuel and time and stuff which are very useful 'cos without them you probably won't get to finish the race. Of course, whether you'll want to is another story. Personally I found the game utterly boring after one or 2 goes and had no desire to play ever again, and wishing I hadn't wasted 2 minutes playing it already. And I really can't find anything more positive to say about it than that.


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Someone should tell Players that go-karts are supposed to be fun (especially turbo-charged one, eh, Spec-chums!?). Here we seem to be getting in a bit of a tizzy turning corners.