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James Hutchby
Board Game
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: OCP 48K £8.95
Author: J Hutchby
The strange title refers to the famous 'turk', a chess playing machine built in 1769 for the Viennese Court. The modern 'Turk' is your computer. This chess version has arguably the best graphics of any available, very clearly defined classic pieces on a white and beige ground. A 14-option menu allows for a wide variety of play, printing, listing and editing and includes a demo mode and 'Blitz' game, where a time limit is set for the game. The computer can also be used to display the moves of 2 players, or it can set up a board in any configuration you like for playing newspaper chess problems out. There are 6 levels of play with response times ranging from a few seconds up to 8 hours. Moves are made with the traditional algebraic notation and the game allows for castling, en passant capture and promotion to queeen. Certainly one of the most flexible, playable and best looking chess games for the Spectrum.