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David Turner
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman, Roger Willis
Chris Bourne

Ross: Picture a garage, our man with a spanner Mick the Mechanic, and a plague of marauding Arabs and you've got Turmoil! The idea of the game is to guide Mick up and down ladders and along platforms to fill his oil can with the precious black stuff. Now manoeuvre Mick over a grid in the floor and drop the oil; this makes a car appear on the conveyor belt. If you manage to complete this feat a second time, you get to move on to the next screen to build another motor.

Turmoil stands out from other 'ladder and levels' games currently flooding the market because it makes use of 'spring' power. Mick himself has no natural jumping ability, so to get him leaping on to the necessary platforms, you have to guide him over a spring... he'll then be thrust up in the air in proportion to the 'springyness' of the spring. The Arabs, who seem to be very intelligent, also use the springs and ladders in their efforts to thwart your plans. You can kill an Arab by spilling some oil in his path, but they're soon replaced so it hardly seems worth it!

Well, it may be just another 'platform' clone, but it's suitably different to be successful - I liked it. 3.5/5 HIT

Dave: A nice change from the usual selection of platform games. The springs are a great idea and the bouncing Arabs are enough to give you a case of the Sheikhs! 3/5 HIT

Roger: It's a tried and tested formula ... with a few dirty tricks thrown in. 4/5 HIT