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Dominic Wood
Arcade: Maze
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


MICROMANIA'S Tutankhamun for the 48K Spectrum is a maze-type arcade game with sufficient variety and incident to provide hours of entertainment.

The game features an explorer searching a Pharoah's tomb for treasure while being pursued by cobras, spiders, skulls and mummies. He can fire against the monsters, but only horizontally, with his laser, and must at the same time collect keys to open the doors between one part of the tomb and another. Picking up treasure increases your score and you have to make your escape with the treasure before your time runs out.

One of the assets of the game is that the screen scrolls left and right, so that you have a constantly-changing setting, and a wraparound facility for the explorer at the top and bottom of the screen maintains the smooth flow of the action.

There are also five tombs from which to choose, each with a small-scale map at the top of the screen for reference.

Any of the tombs bears exploring several times to find the best route, without dangerous dead-ends, to the central treasure chamber.

Another advantage of the the carefully-designed game is that although the various monsters present you with plenty of difficulty and challenge, you do not have to face the discouragement of starting again every time you are zapped; you have several lives to resume your search from wherever you finished.

Tutankhamun is available from Micromania, 14 Lower Hill Road, Epsom. Surrey KT19 8LT. It costs £5.95.

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