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Dominic Wood
Arcade: Maze
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Tut was an Egyptian ruler who stowed much treasure in his pyramid. Your job, as grave robber extraordinary (or archaeologist - they mean much the same thing) is to enter the tomb and collect as much of the treasure as you can. There are five different tombs and you can start at one and work your way through, or enter the game at a later stage if you wish.

The very good packaging contains clear instructions and the tomb turns out to be a left/right scrolling maze with vertical tunnel connections from top to base of screen and vice versa. The treasure is collected by moving over it, and Site would be easy were it not for the host of monsters lurking in the tombs. These include mummies (the wrapped up kind), cobras, spiders, skulls and others, all of which move rapidly and decidedly in your direction. Fortunately, you are provided with a rapid firing laser. It tires regularly by itself but can be put into continuous fire if you like. Unfortunately it only fires horizontally, so you're very vulnerable to beasties coming from above and below. There is also one smart bomb per tomb or life, but its effects are very short short-lived indeed. To help there is a map of the entire tomb layout at the top of the screen.

Joystick options are offered, but the keyboard layout is quite sensible. A/Z = up/down, N/M = left/right. A pause and restart facility is provided.


'Tutankhamun is an original game that uses very good, detailed graphics. It all works very smoothly too. A game with a nice difference, very addictive - I wonder what happens when you reach Tutankhamun's tomb?'

The graphics really are very attractive, with loads of colour, and fast moving. Controlling your man can be alarming as he fires independently and tends to zig zag about ii you leave his control keys alone for very long. There is plenty of scope for enjoyment since surviving is no easy task.'

'The multi-coloured monsters come thick and fast, so much so that you've got to be ace at getting round them and making sure you're in a left/right corridor so your laser will work. If you get stuck and have to move up or down with creatures sailing give you about two seconds grace. Pretty addictive stuff.'

Keyboard positions: well laid out
Joystick options: Kempston or AGF and Protek
Keyboard play: responsive
Use of colour: marvellous
Graphics: detailed and smooth
Sound: good tunes, but not enough of them
Skill levels: over eight
Lives: five
Screens: five

General Rating: A very good maze/zap game with a different feel.


Screenshot Text

Killing monsters in TUTANKHAMUN is easy - getting past them is not.