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Ubi Soft Ltd
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Mark Caswell, Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Long ago when the people of a peaceful and prosperous land, called the Gaspards, were ruled by an old family endowed with magical powers, called the Carikens, everything was line and dandy. Did it stay that way? Not on your nelly! An evil wizard called Maldur, along with his demonic hordes, swept across the land and decimated it so quickly that the Carikens had no time to use their magical amulet to protect the land. Maldur grabbed the amulet and smashed it into 23 pieces, scattering it across the countryside.

Not to be outdone that easily Ulopa Cariken, a young hero, set out to find the pieces of the amulet and destroy the evil of Maldur. 23 horizontally scrolling levels of demon-packed action stand between our lad and the death of Maldur.

Equipped with three different types of weapons take Ulopa through the perilous scenery defeating enemy agents as he meets them - but be careful: ammo for each weapon is limited, although extra plus additional magic powers can be collected along the way.

Ulopa's adventure takes him, by entering magical doors, into the depths of the earth and further, where it all gets mighty dangerous! But hurry, Maldur has sent his minions out to find the pieces of the amulet

Graphically Twin World is very pretty, but as both the background and moving sprites are the same colour it's often difficult to spot attackers before they strike that fatal blow. Also, the graphical style can hide important elements in the game - I reached one spot and died several times before I realised there was a bridge I had to cross (fool! -Ed). Despite that, Twin World is a pleasant collect-'em-up that should prove enjoyable for arcade adventure fans, though interest may not be sustained for loo long.

MARK ... 78%


'Twin World has all the hest bits of arcade adventure games we've seen before. But does this mean that it's the best yet? No way! The first thing that puts you off are the graphics. They're all nicely drawn and detailed but are, sadly, monochrome. I know I moan about this on almost every game (I hate it!), but this is one of the worst I've seen for ages. The programmer's choice of colour doesn't help: red on a black backround is a terrible strain on the eyes! Gameplay isn't too bad: you wander around going through skulls and shooting at anything that moves with the three weapon options you've got. Twin World is fun for a short time but if your eyesight doesn't go first, boredom may soon set in.' NICK ... 67%

Playable for a while arcade adventure marred by the graphics.