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Martech Games Ltd
Arcade: Solo beat-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Richard Eddy, Robin Candy
Chris Bourne

36% Issue 39

Ricky: Uchi Mata was the first judo simulation on the Spectrum. Traditional moves are executed in a novel way: rather than using a single keypress, the player takes the joystick through a series of actions which relate to a complete move. Four major moves are provided in the instructions, but more are there to be discovered by wiggling the joystick around.

Uchi Mata sounds exciting, but the novelties soon wear off and its not long before you wish the sweeping joystick movements could be reduced to a simple keypress. Though well-designed, the graphics flicker badly, and when the characters collide its difficult to see what's going on.

ROBIN: Judo is a strange martial art to simulate on a computer, because it involves a lot of contact with your opponent which others such as karate and Thai boxing don't. Martech made an admirable attempt at representing the sport in Uchi Mata, but the graphics are appalling and suffer from severe bouts of flicker.

What really bugs me, though, is the control method. It's one of the hardest I've ever encountered - trying to execute a move is almost a game in itself! If you like judo, stick to the real thing.