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The Mad Guys
TMS, Vision
Scene Demo
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Jonathan Nash
Chris Bourne

The latest Mad Guys tactic to dominate Public House, Unlimited Spirits (nope, I have no idea either) is basically a salute to techno music (or, to give it its proper title, Tekkno. Apparently). In the accompanying letter Vision complained about Public House reviewing old demos alongside new 'uns. Well, heck, it's all new to us! But anyway, Spirits is a brand-new, bang-up-to-date, November 1992 demo, so there.

Okay, first of all, a public safety announcement. Spirits features loads (and loads) of flashing screen effects. Blinding headaches are just about guaranteed, so watch out. And now, on with the fun. Passing by the parallax starfield, pulsing colour scrolly intro, Part One has a really nice rotary scroll logo thing (yup, more baffling technical terms) that sort of wraps around itself as if on a cylinder. Oh yes, and there's also a rather long and rather good scrolly. Plenty of interesting topics here, folks.

Part Two is the greetings section, and is the usual mix of hellos and hatings (that's the polite term, believe me). You can alter the bounce of the scrolly (to quote Jon North, whoopee-doo) but it's quite a good read, with a few gags thrown in here and there. (A big hello to Dizzy the egg? Dear oh dear.)

Part Three is Serious Flashing City. A large 'tekkno' (or 'tekno' as the second K wouldn't fit) logo whizzes up and down while the screen, erm, flashes a lot. Anyway, the scrolly's another good read, with a tale of woe concerning an amazingly bad party and a laser that shot a hole through Vision's shoe.

So. Overall, no particularly special effects but some fun, fun scrollies. That Vision's got a really good writing style you know, despite occasionally lapsing into ear-tingling phrases. However, let me assure you folks out there that I'm not just applauding Unlimited Spirits because YS gets loads of positive mentions.

No, honestly.


Screenshot Text

Spook fact (as revealed by the scrolly) - this introscreen was drawn over a year before the demo was written. So where did the title come from? A dream? An odd flowerseller in Dusseldorf? Or what?

The sun rose pinkly above the plains of Oslo, revealing the unco-operative flying beast of Baron Friseidl, but, strangely, not the Baron himself.