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Pete Cooke
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Corrie Brown, Stewart McPherson, Peter Shaw
Chris Bourne

A truly graphic adventure, with a picture for each location you wish to visit. You are wandering around Scarborough and. like everyone else, your main aim in life is to escape!

Corrie: The graphics are quite exceptional in this program, and there's no fuzziness where the colours meet. Definitely a good adventure, and one that I highly recommend.

Stewart: Graphic representation of each location can be found in this program, and these vary from simple line drawings to some quite detailed scenes. Generally I prefer to see adventures use up memory for ideas rather than pictures, but at least the program does it competently.

Peter: The response time is not as fast as it could be, but the use of colour and graphics are very good. An extremely entertaining game.

Not Rated