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Tony Barber
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls
Chris Bourne

Most adventures tell you somewhere near the beginning of the game itself exactly what you're expected to do - Valkyrie 17, of course, has to be the exception!

The box the game comes in reveals that you've discovered some answerphone messages (found on side two of the tape) that tell you that Valkyrie 17 is active again (?). Further discovery comes from wading through the dossier of plans, memos, etc, that accompany the tape; you find out that Valkyrie 17 is actually an experimental Nazi laser weapon from the Second World War.

OK, you're now ready to start the game and only your experience and cunning as a secret agent will get you through. As soon as you start playing, though, any thoughts of seriousness go straight out of the window - the game is very funny, especially its responses to most 'stupid' commands. Technically, the game's not particularly out of the ordinary, with simple verb/noun entry of most commands.

Valkyrie 17 has been written so as to give the player as much freedom as possible; so once you've overcome some initial problems you can go almost anywhere you like! This, to my mind, is the real charm of the game. All but one or two of the problems to be overcome are completely logical; on one occasion, the solution to one of them was too obvious for me to work out and I'm indebted to Trevor Toms of the Ram Jam Corporation for putting me out of my misery.

To finish up, Valkyrie 17 is a very well thought out program, with very nice graphics and a wonderful sense of humour.

The price of £9.99 is on a par with other adventures and I think it easily justifies the cost. Highly recommended.

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It's laughter all the way in this James Bond spoof package - as long as you know what you're meant to do, that is!