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Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Duncan MacDonald
Chris Bourne

This is a 'futuristic sports simulation' in the same vein as Xeno. It's one to one (either a computer or another human opponent) as you each take turns trying to knock the ball into your adversary's goal. What makes this game different is the pitch: it's contoured. That is to say it's got little hills, troughs and waves on it. These can help or hinder you, depending on your position, as all the physics of momentum, friction and gravity have been programmed in. The graphics are great, and the animation is good.

this could have been a totally brilliant game, but for one thing - it all seems a bit sluggish, and the ball doesn't travel for enough when hit. The blurb says you can muck around with the friction levels and things, but you couldn't on my copy. If Vectorball had the playability of Xeno it would be fab. As it is, eer, sort of alrightish.