Neptune Computing
Derek Brewster
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

Ron Smith
Chris Bourne

Velnor's Lair, from Quicksilva. is yet another text-only adventure, but one with a faster response time that doesn't tax the patience to quite the same degree. As an adventurer you can choose to be a wizard, warrior or priest, depending on your inclination. For no particular reason I chose to be a wizard, despite my ineptitude at casting either spells or enemies into oblivion. Naturally I soon met an untimely end. But where this game triumphs over other text-only adventures is in its use of vocabulary. Often it can take aeons to get into the swing of adventure games - understanding the individual programmer's own peculiar logic and choice of words, etc. Here, for some reason not immediately apparent, I found the game responding easily to my instructions.

Not Rated

Screenshot Text

VELNOR'S LAIR from Quicksilva