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Dinamic Software
Sport: Action
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Tommy Nash
Chris Bourne

For all those of you missing out on your Daley does, Mastertronic has come up with the cheapie version of his Decathlon - with a cut-down six events to match the cut price.

For your two quid you get running, hurdles, long jump, hammer, javelin and swimming. Though I'm taking that lot on trust. The shame of it is, I didn't manage to get through the 100m dash. Now it could've been me and it could've been my joystick (I'm not above blaming my tools), but in this case I reckon it was the game. It's just pitched too hard too quickly. Sure, if you've had years of practice with Daley and your wrists are now like strengthened steel you may not have as much trouble. But in that case you'd be better off having another bash at the games you've already got or earning a useful living as a weightlifter. There's not enough new in the way of graphics or gameplay to interest you.

If you've never had a good joystick waggle before, then it might be worth putting your while putting this through it paces. But you'd better take out the insurance policy on your joystick - and your wrists!