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Code Masters Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Training is the key to success in a Darts game, we all know that. So before you start get your pint of beer and the all important large gut by scoffing barrow loads of bacon sarnies. Now you're ready to tackle Wacky Darts! It's a very strange game indeed. You can tell that by just looking at your opponents. These include some very unsavoury characters, such as Gordon the Alien and Nigel the Ninja! They each use their own weapon instead of a dart: Nigel his shuriken and Gordon a laser bolt! It's best not to provoke any of the bunch, they have a habit of throwing their weapons into the audience.

The game is presented TV style. A bizarre host introduces each player and calls out the scores. Throwing the darts when it comes around to your turn is not a very simple affair. To simulate the distance you would be from the board, and to make the game more difficult, the throwing hand justles about the screen making careful control essential if you are to hit what you're aiming at! This control method takes some getting used to but can easily be mastered.

The comical TV host and freaky opponents make Wacky Dads much more than just another Darts game. If you don't have a Dart simulation in your software collection this is a great way to start.